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Matthew Harris

Dallas, TX
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My name is Matt Harris. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Leadership from Texas A&M University and have accomplished many difficult goals over the past 26 years of my life. I have been in in the Dallas Metroplex for a couple of years now and have not had the opportunity to volunteer yet. A couple months before I moved to Dallas I made on of the worst mistakes of my life and decided to drive a vehicle after I had been drinking. Luckily I did not hurt anyone (including the people that were in the vehicle with me) but I was convicted of a DWI because of the decision I had made that evening. Not only would I like to share with people the importance of drinking responsibly but also that if you decide to drink that it is vital that you have a plan to get home safely before you take the first sip. Also I would like to use the leadership skills that I have learned over the years to assist others in understanding the importance of assisting and volunteering in their community.

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Where the Buffaloes Roamed. The Bees Buzz, the Butterflies Flutter, and the Coyotes Play.
Help The world depends on pollinators. They are so important to our environment but are disappearing at such an alarming rate, that PATH has decided to build a special habitat for them to live and thrive at White Rock Lake. Learn More
Dallas , TX
Sep 03, 2016
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