Teodora Petkova
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Teodora Petkova

Richardson, Texas
My Story
My name is Teodora Petkova and I immigrated to the United States when I was five years old. Even though I was young when I came to the states, I kept in touch with my culture by attending Bulgarian School and partaking in many cultural gatherings. I love volunteering at art and cultural festivals because it brings me joy to see people from all around the globe rejoicing at the feeling of finding home away from home. I am a neuroscience major at the University of Texas at Dallas, and I recently joined the Kappa Alpha Theta chapter here. I am passionate about the study of neurodegenerative dieseases and the allieviation of hunger in third world regions. I have had personal intersction with people who have not eaten for days,because every summer when I go back to Eastern Europe I am exposed to poverty ridden popualtions. I am so fortunate to have what I have, and I would like to take advantage of the privileged lifestyle I lead and give back to the community.

My Upcoming Opportunities

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Dallas, Texas
Mar 22, 2018
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25 Needed
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Volunteer Administrative Assistant
Performing Arts
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DeSoto, TX
Mar 22, 2018
8 Hours
1 Needed
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