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Amber Mendoza

Dallas , TX
My Story
My name is Amber Mendoza. I'm 23 years old and a big sister to 4 sister and 2 brothers. & also a dog mommy to my pup, Otis. All my life I've always been considered the "mom" with my friends and family. I've always loved helping people and giving back to my community. With how crazy the world is now I truly believe that volunteering is something everyone should do and want to make a difference in someone (even if it's just one) life.

My Upcoming Opportunities

Dog & Cat Adoption Specialists at Dallas Animal Services

Animals - City of Dallas
Help the pets at Dallas Animal Services find a new home. Volunteers help enrich the lives of pets at our shelter by spending time with them and are also crucial in helping our customers navigate the shelter to find the right pet for their family. Learn More
Dallas, TX
Jul 24, 2018
4 Hours
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