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Tammie Hoops

Redoak , Tx
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Hello ,I'm very excited to let you know why I'm so passionate about volunteering.I worked for several different companies all of my life and my compassion for people always seem to get in the way , this is just a small example, I might be on my way to work and stop at the store for something to eat and a lady stranded , pregnant and have two other kids and need help. I can not and will not leave that lady stranded, I will either be late or lose job.When I was 5yrs old it use to be a show that was on late at night and it was super sad about sending $1 a week to feed the kids over seas , so I started picking up trash and pecans whatever I could do to help sending my money to them, I was so excited they sent me a picture of a child said she was mine I was so happy then I found out it was a scam broke my heart. I stop helping for awhile, but I found out later in life you can't fight God when he put that gift inside of you. My life is nothing without him guiding me through the things I have done to help strangers I know God is real because ordinary people probably will be to scared to give a stranger a ride from the hospital who caught an ambulance and had no money and no way to get home, maybe you sitting in church and doing tithes ,and peeped next to you and noticed that person had nothing and you reached in your purse knowing that's your bill money ,and give that person half knowing you never sit there, but this particular night you sit there all I can say is God

My Upcoming Opportunities

Weekday Lunch Providers
Social Services: Homeless
Volunteers are needed to provide and serve a lunch to 120 shelter guests! This opportunity must be coordinated with the Austin Street Center Partnerships and Community Engagement Manager. Learn More
Dallas, TX
Dec 14, 2017
2 Hours
1 Needed
I Want To Help!
 Old-fashion Hand-outs
Community Development
Have lots of fun volunteering in different communities in Arlington. Learn More
Arlington, TX
Dec 14, 2017
4 Hours
6 Needed
I Want To Help!
Vals Place of Hope & Blessed 2 Bless U Thrift Shop
Social Services
Val's Place of Hope & Blessed 2 Bless U Thrift Shop has partnered together to Bless the Community. Learn More
Dallas, tx
Dec 14, 2017
8 Hours
100 Needed
I Want To Help!
Administration Help Needed for Hurricane Victim Relief
Community Development
Join us! Unite is helping our counterparts in the Impact Zone assess which nonprofits and churches are operational, what help they can provide, and we need administrative support. Learn More
Dallas, TX
Dec 18, 2017
2 Hours
4 Needed
I Want To Help!
We Need You!!
Volunteers needed to: **Visit Patients: entertain, build relationships, make crafts, and make a difference in a patients life!! **In office: help with light clerical work Learn More
Plano, tx
6 Hours
75 Needed
I Want To Help!