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benita mitchell

dallas, tx
My Story
I am a woman and I love people. I have always been a nurturer and and person that cares for others. Since joining the medical field 15 years ago volunteering was one of the big requirements but i soon found out that I loved it. I loved the people and just the interaction with people in my community.

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Reading Partners 2017 - 2018 Academic Tutor Year
Education: Elementary & Secondary
Become a volunteer reading partners and make a lifelong difference for kids who struggle with reading. Visit where you learn more, register, and choose one of our 16 sites to tutor. Learn More
Dallas, TX
Mar 19, 2018
2 Hours
500 Needed
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Groups Wanting to Read to Preschoolers
Education: Early Childhood
Spend time reading with others from your company or organization to preschoolers. Great bonding time and team building with others from your company or organization Learn More
Dallas, Texas
Mar 23, 2018
1 Hour
4 Needed
I Want To Help!