Raviola Wenno
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Raviola Wenno

Dallas, TX
My Story
Making someone's day engenders a smile on my face.

My name is Ola Wenno and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Environmental Engineering in SMU.

In the past few years, I volunteered as a marathon helper and as a reading partner in public schools. I realized how volunteering gives me the opportunity to change other people's lives and in return, they change mine. Also, meeting people with a different mindset compels me to open my eyes to various perspectives. I am thankful as to how volunteering has shaped me to be grateful for the opportunities I am given. Hopefully, I am able to open a few doors of opportunity through my job as a volunteer.

My Upcoming Opportunities

Cultural Heritage
GAY BINGO: Weekend Volunteers needed 1PM to 4 PM or 5 PM to 10 PM to help decorate S4 Club (3911 Cedar Springs Road) generally the 3rd Saturday of each month. Learn More
Dallas, Tx
Dec 16, 2017
5 Hours
10 Needed
I Want To Help!
Arts & Letters Live Volunteer
Arts & Letters Live volunteers support the DMA's literary and performing arts series by serving as ticket takers, ticket scanners, ushers, book signing assistants, and greeters. Learn More
Dallas, Texas
Jan 01, 2018
4 Hours
10 Needed
I Want To Help!