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Erica Onwuegbuchu

Dallas, TX
My Story
My name is Erica Onwuegbuchu and I recently received my Masters of Science in Medical Sciences this past May. Although I obtained my bachelors in Chemistry and Psychology in 2014, my undergraduate years served as the catalyst that ignited my passion for serving others. The pivotal event that sparked my interest was working with my school's organization, Alternative Breaks. Alternative Breaks allowed me to gain awareness in prominent world issues such as hunger, healthcare inaccessibility, and disaster relief just to name a few. Through this organization, I learned that I throughly enjoy serving others in need because it gives me moral gratification that I can't get anywhere else. Seeing the smiling faces of families and hearing their personal stories of adversity, I appreciate the interaction and growth of relationships received through my direct service. I choose to be an active citizen of my community not because I can put something on my resume, but because it gives me an opportunity to self-reflect on what's important in the world. I am reminded that there is so much more to life than material possession and other aspects of vanity, but instead there's a world of hurting individuals who need just a lending ear or hand. I desire to lend my ear, hands, and ideas in order to make a meaningful impact on this world and contribute to making a better place.

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