Felicia Johnson
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Felicia Johnson

Dallas, Tx
My Story
I grew up in inner city of Dallas, TX. I brought up in the baptist church as a teen
I constantly prayed and told myself this was not the end. I was determined to graduate high school and attend college of which I have successfully done. My passion is to give back to the community, to strengthen and encourage women to think outside the box provoking them to reach for higher goals. I am a recent divorcee, single mom of 2 now adult children. Currently I work full-time while pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.

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Concert & Game Day Volunteers
Community Development

Social Services: Children & Youth
Come out and have fun with us, Volunteer and help a kid achieve his or her dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur while enjoying the Concert or Game Time Atmospheres! Learn More
Arlington, TX
Dec 03, 2018
5 Hours
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