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Transform your organization through volunteers

VOLY.org is an innovative, web-based volunteer recruiting, management and reporting platform designed to directly support your organization's needs. This proprietary software-as-a-service was developed by technology nonprofit VolunteerNow, one of the nation's largest volunteer centers and experts in volunteerism.

VOLY.org, powered by VolunteerNow, is a national platform that leverages four decades of knowledge to expand volunteer impact across all causes and all industries.

Volunteers change everything - where they live, work and play - and transform their own lives in the process of serving others. Whether it's connecting nonprofits to the free workforce they need, supporting teachers and students in the classroom, or providing volunteer infrastructure for municipalities, VOLY.org builds capacity for our communities to address critical needs.

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Business Development Team

Email: sales@voly.org

Phone:  214-818-9855

Nonprofit Support Team

Email: membership@volnow.org

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Who We serve

  • Nonprofits
  • Nonprofit organizations are gauged on their ability to achieve their critical missions. Membership through VOLY.org, powered by VolunteerNow, can help agencies recruit volunteers, build capacity, develop staff and stretch resources. Membership is available to most 501c3 nonprofit organizations.

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  • School Districts
  • As school districts strive to provide an excellent education for every child, they need a simple and effective way to engage and manage the volunteers they rely on to support teachers and students. An easy-to-use, web-based service, VOLY.org connects school and district volunteers with opportunities to put their passion for education to work.

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  • Governments and Municipalities
  • Local governments and municipalities must mobilize volunteers to maintain high levels of community service while saving their taxpayers significant dollars. Citizen volunteers learn about the work of local officials, while developing and furthering their own personal development skills. VolunteerNow allows government departments and volunteers to find each other through VOLY.org.

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  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Many companies value volunteerism as a core value. From single departments to international conferences, these volunteers provide continuous support for local nonprofits. VolunteerNow connects businesses to meaningful opportunities to give back, and accurately manage and report on those projects.

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  • Volunteer Centers
  • VOLY.org helps volunteer centers assist the many nonprofits striving to affect positive change in the community by connecting them to volunteers. With a customized page for each volunteer center, daily visitors can view and respond to opportunities posted by member nonprofits.

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  • Banks
  • Volunteerism in support of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) is a core tenet of the banking industry. Local banks contribute thousands of hours of volunteer labor in service of their communities. VolunteerNow can help bank employees find places to be of service and accurately track and report those hours.

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  • Court Systems
  • Community Service Restitution (CSR) is a critical component of an effective criminal justice system. Clients performing court-ordered service as part of the conditions of their probation make a positive impact on their community and learn valuable life and job skills. VolunteerNow both directly manages Community Service Restitution programs in North Texas as well as cutting-edge software for judicial districts across the country.

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