Clinic Surgery Support

Volunteers will work in our Clinic to help provide better care & a positive experience for clients.
Aug 21, 2019
2 - 3 Hours
240 Needed

More Details

The clinics’ goal is to provide affordable, accessible, compassionate, and nonjudgmental veterinary care to help strengthen the bond between pet owners and their pets, keep pets in their homes and out of streets and shelters, and improve the overall health and quality of life for the pets in our target communities.

As part of the team, volunteers will help provide better care and a positive experience for clients.

Volunteers will help with cleaning kennels, lobby, surgery suite, and hallways; cleaning surgical instruments and making surgery packs (with training); move laundry, pop syringes, and make e-collars.  May also be asked to run animals to/from surgery holdings (depending on animal handling status).  7:30AM & 3:30PM shift will assist with greeting clients in the lobby for check-in/check-out, handing out clipboards or after-care instructions.

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