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Summer Family Advocate Intern

The Family Advocate Intern will report directly to the Family Advocate. As the Family Advocate Intern, you will be responsible for greeting families as they enter the center, as well as assisting with crisis intervention for children and families.
Jul 18, 2019  9:00AM
8 Hours
1 Shifts Available
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • KEsha Austin

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Duties may include the following:

·          Fulfill Family Greeter duties by:

·         Preparing and maintaining Family Waiting Room

·         Welcoming families to the center

·         Supervising and assisting children and family members with play activities, such as games, videos, reading, or coloring

·          Provide education for families regarding the dynamics of child abuse.

·          Provide crisis intervention for children experiencing suicidal ideations and provide appropriate resources for immediate professional mental health intervention

·          Work with Multi-Disciplinary Team to identify service gaps for each client child and family

·          Provide information and support for the Crime Victims Compensation process

·          Provide encouragement and support to victim family to use the services recommended

·          Provide court education and accompaniment as needed for children and families

·          Function as a member of the Multi-Disciplinary Team

·          Attend the monthly case review meetings and additional case staffing as needed

·          Assist in the preparation and training presentations for ISD personnel and students; and community organizations

·          Assist in the center’s special events and fundraisers

·          Offering administrative support for various office duties

·          Other duties as assigned

Dress Code: All staff at the ECCAC must dress in a professional manner. Jeans are allowed, however they cannot be ripped. T-shirts and flip-flops are prohibited, as well.

Best Practices

·         Approach all children and families with respect.

·         Do not promise the child any juice, snack, candy or toys (stuffed animals, etc.) before the interview.

·         Remember to smile and acknowledge the family and other agency members. We want our clients and agency partners to have a positive experience at the ECCAC.

·         If a client’s behavior becomes inappropriate or violent, notify the parents/guardians immediately and have them address the problem with the child. If they refuse or are unable to control the child, then notify a staff member. NEVER raise your voice, yell or scold a child. Always ask for help if you are in an uncomfortable situation.

·         If a parent becomes difficult, remain calm and affirm their feelings. If you do not feel comfortable with the situation, notify the Lead Family Advocate.

·         If the child attempts to talk to you about why he or she is at the ECCAC, tell him or her to wait until they talk to the Forensic Interviewer. If the child discloses to you any

information about the case or abuse, notify the Forensic Interviewer as soon as possible.




In the event of an emergency, such as someone who appears threatening or a suspected perpetrator is attempting to come in the agency, notify staff immediately. If staff is not available, contact 911 immediately.


Take Care of Yourself!

Please share with staff things that are difficult for you, or questions you may have about the process. Volunteers are a critical part of ECCAC activities, and often the first contact a child and family has with the agency.

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