Meal Preparation for DISD Students

Feeding Kids, Fueling Futures: Volunteers will assist and help prepare meals for students in the Dallas Independent School District.
Jul 22, 2019  9:30AM
2.5 Hours
1 Shifts Available
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Hunger Busters works to provide an much-needed third meal of the day to food-insecure DISD children for just $1 per meal through its signature "Feed the Need" after school program.



Hungry children are twice as likely to be absent from school than their peers not suffering from hunger. Research consistently shows that increasing the nutrition of a food-insecure child improves health, educational performance, and the opportunity to grow into a civic-minded adult.



In 2017, Hunger Busters will provide 350,000 meals to 11 DISD schools and 6 after school programs. We provide most of our meals through partnerships with local eateries, sponsorships and donations from people just like you.

What makes Hunger Busters distinct is that with the help of our committed volunteers.  Our dedicated Volunteers donate 2 hours per shift and are under the Supervision of the Production Manager, a Registered Food Service Manager (Certificate #530089).


Volunteers are essential to Hunger Busters, before they have arrived, the Production Manager has prepared the kitchen to ensure tables and utensils used have been cleaned and sanitized.  below you will see a detailed list of their duties and responsibilities, they are as follows:


1.     Prior to arrival, they are given/sent instructions on what/what not to wear, if they become ill what to do and what to expect while volunteering.


2.    Upon arrival, Volunteers receive detailed instructions of the days production to be completed.


3.    They are instructed to leave all personal belongings and or food/beverages in the waiting area.


4.    They are guided into the kitchen by the Production Manager, where they are instructed to clean/wash their hands and are to wear gloves during the duration of food preparation to ensure proper food handling and to avoid any food contamination.


Volunteers are instructed on how many sandwiches are needed to make the meals.  Volunteers will only be making plain and simple ham with cheese sandwiches.  After which the process begins for sandwich making, first lay out two slices of bread, then placing two slices of ham on each and then placing two slices of cheese, then using kitchen knives and plastic cutting boards to cut in half and placing them on large cookie sheets, once cut and plated using an automatic seal bag processor they place them into sandwich bags so that after they are bagged and sealed they can begin the assembly of paper bag meals which includes: one orange and apple, one half of a ham/cheese sandwich and a dessert, then they are sealed and placed into refrigerator bags that we use for transportation and placed into our walk-in cooler.

To sign up, please visit and click on “Volunteer”  and select “New Volunteer” to create your own personal Hunger Busters Volunteer webpage. 

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