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Summer Counseling Intern

The Counseling Intern will report directly to the Therapist and be responsible for making follow-up calls to families, assisting with the Parent Support Groups on Wednesday evenings, and other duties as assigned.
Jul 19, 2019  8:00AM
9 Hours
1 Shifts Available
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Counseling Practicum I Student Intern

The Counseling Practicum I Intern will report directly to the Therapist. Duties may include the following:

·         Assisting the Therapist with various tasks, as requested

·         Assisting with organization and maintenance of education materials

·         Offering administrative support for various office duties

·         Helping with distribution of stuffed animals, snacks, etc.

·         Assisting staff with special projects and events

·         Serving as the Family Greeter when needed by:

o   Preparing and maintaining Family Waiting Room

o   Welcoming families to the center

o   Supervising and assisting children and family members with play activities, such as games, videos, reading, or coloring

·         Assisting with the cleaning and restocking of therapy rooms

·         Completing trainings on counseling theory, counseling modalities, child abuse, and trauma

·         Reading assigned texts

·         Familiarizing self with client assessment tools

·         Observing therapy sessions

·         Attending group therapy sessions

·         Attending weekly supervision sessions with Therapist

Counseling Practicum II Student Intern

The Counseling Practicum II Intern will report to the Therapist. In addition to the Practicum I duties listed above, the Practicum II Intern duties may include the following:

·         Completing Intake Assessments

·         Carrying out therapy sessions, at Therapist’s discretion

·         Recording and reviewing therapy sessions

·         Conceptualizing client cases

·         Completing treatment plans for all assigned cases

·         Maintaining accurate and current client case files

LPC Intern

The LPC Intern will report directly to the Therapist. In addition to the Practicum I and II duties listed above, the LPC Intern duties may include the following:

·         Completing all Texas Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors requirements prior to beginning internship

·         Maintaining paperwork necessary for achieving full licensure with the Board

·         Complying with the terms of the Supervision Contract and Supervision Informed Consent

·         Independently managing clients on case load

·         Attending monthly MDT Case Reviews


All interns are responsible for maintaining client confidentiality at all times. As a representative of the Ellis County Children’s Advocacy Center, interns are expected to interact positively and professionally with all ECCAC staff, board members, clients, Multi-Disciplinary Team members, and other volunteers.

In addition, each intern must meet the following qualifications:

·         Desire to work with children and families

·         Able to work as a team member

·         Must be 18 years of age or older

Must complete ECCAC volunteer application and background check

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