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Looking to improve and strengthen your teaching skills? Volunteer as a Reading GED tutor at Alley’s House.

Engage in a one-on-one tutoring session with teen mom(s), to ensure they pass their Social Studies GED testing.
Jun 19, 2019  10:00AM
2 Hours
1 Shifts Available
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IMPORTANT: Please note that expressing interest on is not the end of the process, you need to email with your contact information and she will guide you through the application and onboarding process for our volunteer program. Thank you.

Reading GED Tutor Role

Title: Individual GED Tutor (Reading).

Purpose: Engage in a one-on-one tutoring session with teen mom(s), to ensure they pass their Reading GED testing.

Reports to: Volunteer/Partner Services Manager.

Job Description:

1.      Please conduct a trial test with all sections to know the strength and weakness areas of the moms. Once scored;

a.       Focus more on their weak areas and still touch base on their strengths.

2.      Should be able to lecture teen mom on the Reading section with little or no supervision. 

3.      Provide positive reinforcement and promote healthy, non-violent behaviors.

4.      Follow all agency policies and procedures.

5.      Maintain values of dignity, empowerment, and respect with all Alley’s House staff, volunteers, and clients.

6.      Daily reports to the Volunteer / Partner Services Manager on schedules and timely progress reports on teen moms.

a.       Reports to the Lead Tutor at the start and end of shift to review progress report on teen moms.

7.      Lecture teen moms on any section with little or no supervision.

8.      Tutor teen moms individually or in small groups to develop numeracy and study skills for the Reading GED test.

9.      Keep records of attendance, tutorial sessions, and monitoring student progress over time.

10.  Participates in relevant training as required.

11.  Maintain a clean and orderly environment.

12.  Keep moms motivated and focused on studying tasks.


1.      Retired teachers preferred.

2.      High School Diploma/GED required.

3.      Willing to tutor consistently for a minimum of a month, but open to flexibility.

4.      Thorough knowledge of the core areas of Reading. Such as: 

o   Reading

o   Writing clearly and composition

o   Use of standard written English in context etc.

5.      Impeccable classroom management skills required.

6.      Clear and consistent communicator.

7.      Must be comfortable working independently.

8.      Must keep the Volunteer / Partner Services Manager and Lead Tutor updated on their availability.

Supervision: Consultation will be provided regularly.

Time CommitmentShould be able to commit to a full daily shift of at least 2 hours of tutoring on Wednesday and Friday of the scheduled week.

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