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Looking for an opportunity to give back? Serve as a Boutique Assistant Volunteer supporting teen mothers in North Texas.

We like to have the Alley's House Boutique neat and organized. However, we usually need quite a bit of help in order to keep it tidy! This is where our volunteers come in handy.
May 29, 2019  10:00AM
3 Hours
1 Shifts Available
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Toni Kleinmeier

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 IMPORTANT: Please note that expressing interest on is not the end of the process, you need to email with your contact information and she will guide you through the application and onboarding process for our volunteer program. Thank you.

Volunteer Boutique Assistant Role Description


Tittle of Role: Boutique Assistant.


Purpose of the Role: We like to have Alley’s House Boutique neat and organized.  However, we usually need quite a bit of help in order to keep it tidy!  This is where our volunteers come in handy.  We need help with sorting, organizing and displaying our donated clothes, shoes, toys and household/hygiene items. 


We want the room to be as functional as possible to easily shop and walk through it.  Moms earn Alley’s House dollars by accomplishing their daily, weekly and monthly goals.  On Fridays, Moms shop at the Boutique and use their earned points to “purchase” items for their child and themselves. 


Reports to: Volunteer/Partner Services Manager

Job Description:

1.      Sort new donations that may be bagged or piled in the room.

a.       Sort them by donation type (clothing, shoes, household, bath product, kitchen, etc.).

2.      Sort and fold or hang up children’s clothing neatly (they should be arranged along the wall and on tables according to size).

3.      Sort and hang all women’s clothing neatly on the racks located in the additional Boutique room.

4     Arrange women’s and children’s shoes by sizes.

a.       Discard any shoes that are not in good condition or do not have a match. 

5.      Neatly organize household items on the available shelves in Boutique and/or additional Boutique room.

6.      Organize the big items so that they are out of the way, yet still easy to access (car seats, strollers, bouncers, large toys, etc.).

7.      Follow all agency policies and procedures.

8.      Maintain values of dignity, empowerment, and respect with all Alley’s House staff, volunteers, and clients.

9.      Complete other tasks as assigned.

Please put any items that are broken, in bad condition, used products, clothing that is torn/worn/stained, or would not be used by a teen mom into trash bags so we can donate or dispose of.


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