EarthX Party in the Park!

We host the largest Environmental Expo in the world! We are ramping up for our event, April 26-28, 2019. We have over 1500 positions to fill and could use all the love we can get! Please visit our website to review all volunteer positions!
Apr 27, 2019  1:00PM
5 Hours
2 Shifts Available
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Gautham Vadde
  • Gisele  Velazquez
  • Katya Oranday

More Details

EarthX, formerly known as Earth Day Texas, is the largest Environmental Eco Expo in the world. 

We host the largest gathering of environmentally concerned citizens, educators, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and global leaders.  

Our annual event will take place on April 26-28, 2019!

Our annual event includes 3 days of exhibitions, a film festival, music, entertainment, learning, discussions, and conferences. 

Over 137,000 visitors last year, this free event was open to all! 

We had over 1400 volunteers support our event at Fair Park. 

EarthX is an international nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to educating and inspiring actions for a more sustainable future worldwide. We connect the global community in a way that helps create positive change and ensures the future for our children and grandchildren.

Please visit Earthx.org to view our volunteer opportunities and register for this exciting event!

We can't wait to see you at Fair Park! 

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