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Creative Design and Marketing Pathfinder

Join us in our quest to Create Hope, Impact Lives and Change Communities by assuming the role of an Agency Pathfinder. We must train and employ 300+ underserved individuals within DFW. Pathfinders are needed to assist with Outreach & Recruitment.
Jun 18, 2019  5:00PM
4.5 Hours
1 Shifts Available
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Aisha  Carrington
  • Debbie Castro
  • William Johnson

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Website & Creative Designer - Marketing Pathfinder

Key Objectives

We are seeking a volunteer to perform Marketing Design responsibilities for Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders (ITL) to amplify our mission of transitioning individuals out of poverty & impacting change in generational legacies of education, jobs security/retention, and financial stability in our communities.  


Develop and oversee design of creative to promote ITL’s brand and programs. The role of a Design Executive (DE) can encompass creative, analytical, digital, commercial and administrative responsibilities.  DE will work closely with other employees in areas such as website design and management, fundraising, and social media champion.

This volunteer may assist the operations and social media leader in focusing on civic engagements and social good by managing communication channels on a weekly basis performing activities such as content curation, storytelling, and managing published content (written content, video and images) on the organization’s social channels.

Key Responsibilities

The Design Executive will perform the following duties:

Develop and oversee design campaigns to promote ITL’s brand and programs. overseeing and developing marketing outreach campaigns

·       conducting research and analyzing data to identify and define audiences

·       devising and presenting ideas and strategies

·       promotional activities

·       compiling and distributing financial and statistical information

·       writing and proofreading creative copy

·       maintaining websites and looking at data analytics

·       organizing events and product exhibitions

·       evaluating databases and using a customer relationship management (CRM) system

·       coordinating internal marketing and an organization’s culture

·       monitoring performance

·       managing campaigns on social media


Education: Bachelor's degree in creative design, branding, marketing, story telling, social media, communications or related field; or an equivalent combination of related education and experience required. Excellent, oral, and written communication skills, including presentation skills. Experience: Minimum one-year related experience is preferred.

Key Skills

·       Oral and Written Communication Skills and Story Telling

·       Ability to provide social communication outside of regular business hours (weekends, nights, if required.)

·       Experience executing influencer programs, including identification of influencers, management of influencer content creation, and measuring success

·       Proven experience in setting, measuring, and achieving business goals through social and digital tactics

·       Understanding of social programming (Non-Profits) and brand-building through content production in social, video, content, and influencer experiences

·       Able to express complex ideas and experiences with a straightforward approach to inspire digital audiences

Presentation skills, acute attention to detail and ownership of projects

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