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From Compassion to Action....We're with you every step of the way!

Today, Victory Volunteers are stepping up to provide positive changes in the health of our clients. Behind every success story, there is a Volunteer-someone like you! Times are flexible and on-going training is provided!
Feb 01, 2019  8:00AM
10.5 Hours
1 Shifts Available
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Aayush Shirali
  • Aveary Hamilton
  • Mansoon Thapa
  • Stanley Dulaney
  • Tiffany Spears
  • christine schlehuber

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               From compassion to action…

Victory Therapy Center's mission is to care for the physical, mental and emotional needs of children, adults, Veterans and their families through the healing power of horses.  Therapeutic horsemanship improves strength, balance, coordination, memory utilization, muscle tone, motor skills, social interaction and self-esteem.  Our facility is a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, Int'l (PATH) Premier Accredited center and our Instructors are PATH certified.  Victory Therapy Center is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.  Founded in 1990, we currently operate on our 27-acre facility in Roanoke, Texas.


Victory Therapy Center is holding its monthly Orientation Training on March 23rd from 12:00-3:00.  We can conduct one-on-one training to Volunteer prior to this date.  At this training session we will teach volunteers how to groom and tack horses, how to act as a side walker, how to be a horse handler, and give volunteers an overview of our facility and therapeutic riding.  After training, we will assign volunteers to work in classes that fit their schedule.  We have day, evening and weekend classes that will need volunteers.  


Volunteers who would like to attend this Orientation Training session can sign up by emailing Christine Terry at  At the Orientation Training you will be asked to complete our Volunteer registration forms, which include a background check.  


On the day of the Orientation Training Session, we ask Volunteers to wear close-toed shoes, a water bottle and comfortable clothes that they do not mind getting dirty.  In addition, please bring $15 for the background check. 


We have plenty of opportunities for anyone looking to donate their time and talent. Horse experience is NOT necessary. 


For hands-on interaction and physical exercise you might want to be a…


The primary responsibility of a sidewalker is to maintain constant safety awareness, while providing physical and motivational support to the rider.

·        Qualifications for Sidewalker – Minimum age is 14. Must be able to walk briskly in sand/dirt for 20-35 minutes. Jog intermittently for short periods of time while horse is trotting. Attend Volunteer Orientation Training and be committed for your time slot assignment.


If you have experience with horses you might want to be a…

Horse Leader

The main responsibility of the Horse Leader is to control the horse during grooming and the lesson.  It is the Leader who must help in guiding, stopping and starting without making the rider feel that they are simply a passenger.

·        Qualifications for Horse Leader – Minimum age is 16. Must have attended Volunteer Orientation Training and Leader Training. Must have experience with horses and/or be approved by the Program Director. Attend hands-on training and be responsible for continued training as needed. Should be able to walk at a fast pace and jog intermittently during the lesson.


If you like barn chores you might want to be a…

Barn Buddy

The main responsibility of the Barn Buddy is to support the barn staff during feeding times. It is the Barn Buddy who assists with feeding our equine therapists, cleans their stalls and assists barn staff with caring for the Victory Therapy Center horses.

·        Qualifications for Barn Buddy- Minimum age is 13. Must have attended Volunteer Orientation Training. Must have attended a hands on Barn Buddy training and be approved by the Barn Manager.


If you want to assist in handy man/woman projects you might want to be a…



You will work on special projects for general maintenance purposes.

·        Qualifications for Facility/Groundkeeper – Minimum age 13. Attend one Volunteer Orientation Training session.


For more details contact Christine Terry, Volunteer Director at 682.831.1323, use our Contact Us form to send a message to her attention or fill in a Volunteer Application to get started.


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