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Foster a dog, save a life

Foster a dog- save a life � Bring a dog into your home, for either short term foster opportunity or longer term-
Jan 20, 2019  1:00AM
22.5 Hours
1 Shifts Available
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Austin Emmert
  • Christina Vega
  • Gerald Williams
  • Jarvis Mcleod
  • Joshua Lawson
  • LaDonna Lopez
  • Mandy Puckett
  • Vanneza Martinez
  • Vera Young

More Details

Foster a  dog- save a life

·         Bring a dog into your  home, for either a short  term foster opportunity (when we know the  dog is going on a transport in a few  weeks,) or longer term- keeping the dog until it  gets adopted, or  is treated for a medical condition.

·         We  will provide crates, food, and leashes,  if needed.

·         Dogs are available in all breeds and sizes- a big one to  run  with, tiny ones to cuddle, there are  lots of tiny ones!

·         Can live in an apartment- many of the dogs will be going to New York to be adopted, so apartment  living is fine, as  long as you can  walk them, and your landlord is  ok. .

·         You can have another pet, as long  as it gets along with others,  or is kept separate

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