Education: Elementary & Secondary

Career Panelist at Dallas Elementary or Middle School

A fast paced career discussion that enables professionals to share their college, career, and life paths with kids. A short talk followed by Q&A session gives kids the opportunity to engage with role models and learn about diverse careers.
Feb 04, 2019  4:00PM
2 Hours
1 Shifts Available
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Ann Marie Patel
  • Michael Carp
  • Sally Le
  • thomas cherry
  • vaneet kaur

More Details

Career Panelists will help students make connections between educational choices and careers paths by sharing their personal academic and career track, skills needed for their current jobs, and tips for pursing that particular career path.  

  • -Panelists participate in a "speed" dating panel, where each panelist meets with 5-10 kids for 10 min before rotating.  

This opportunity is ongoing and available at all six ASAS school sites. Please reach out if this date or location does not work for you, but you would like to explore other volunteer opportunities.  


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