Virtual Volunteer Opportunity! Collect New Items for Themed Baskets - for the Silent Auction - Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2019

Dec 10, 2018  10:00AM
7 Hours
1 Shifts Available
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Carina Sanchez-Castillo
  • Jennifer Holder
  • Louis Hayes
  • Samantha Hall
  • Sharonda Wallace
  • reynaldo servin

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Have fun putting together a Themed Basket with lots of goodies while helping out a good cause!


Please note: If you need court mandated community service hours this volunteer opportunity will not qualify.

Please Read Important Tips!

STEP 1: Pick a Themed Basket from the list below or come up with your own idea. Let at 817-860-1836 know which theme you are going to collect new items for...that way no other group will collect items with that theme.

STEP 2: Ask your co-workers, family, neighbors, and friends to contribute items for your Themed Basket.

STEP 3: The items listed below in each basket are ONLY suggestions. You and your group can determine the kind of items and the number of items that go in your basket.

STEP 4: Deliver your Themed Basket and the contents to The Salvation Army, 712 W. Abram, Arlington by Friday, February 15, 2019 or contact and she will pick up your items/baskets. If you wrap the basket please do so with a clear covering.

STEP 5: Please list on a sheet of paper the items in your basket and the (estimated) total dollar amount for the items and basket.

It’s that easy! Have fun filling your basket and know that you are Doing The Most Good and helping the needy in our community! The Themed Baskets will be part of our Silent Auction at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Feb. 21st. Thank you for helping us to raise critically needed funds to serve the kids and their families!

Aromatherapy Basket - candles, aromatherapy oils, diffuser, aromatherapy book, massage oil, sachet

Baking Basket - chips/morsels, vanilla, sprinkles, frostings, baking powder, baking soda, cookie cutters, measuring cups, spoons, oven mitt, flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, oil, baking pans, apron

Balls, Balls, & More Balls! Soccer ball, football, baseball, softball, tennis balls, ping pong balls, racquet balls, and, more.

Breakfast Basket - pancake mix, waffle mix, preserves, syrup, coffee, creamer, mugs, wire whisk, omelet pan, mixing bowl, sugar and cinnamon, honey, oatmeal, coffee, creamer, juice

Cards for All Occasions Basket - Card organizer, address book, pens, stamps, cards (i.e. thank you, sympathy, congratulations, new baby, happy birthday, seasonal, new home, retirement, wedding, anniversary, just because, encouragement, etc...)

Cleaning Products Basket (Bucket) - glass cleaner, furniture polish, kitchen cleaner, cleanser, dusting mitt, tile/bath cleaner, rubber gloves, sponge, toilet bowl cleaner, disinfecting wipes, floor cleaner, bucket, mop

Chocolate Lover’s Basket - hot cocoa, different chocolates, truffles, chocolate cookbook

Coffee & Tea Basket - flavored coffees, coffee mugs, creamers, carafe, flavored teas, tea strainer, creamers, biscotti

Dog Lover’s Basket - leash, collar, food dish, food/dish mat, bowls, toys, pillow/blanket, lint roller, brush & grooming tools, treats, shampoo, bones, sweater, food, poop scoop, pet frame/photo album

Gardening Basket - gardening gloves, shovel, tools, watering can, kneeling pad, bug/insect spray, plant food, garden fertilizer, potting soil, hose sprayer, pots, seeds/bulbs

Get Well Soon Basket - books, magazines, crossword puzzle, mug, soup, juice tea/coffee, soup mixes, slippers, plant

Grilling Basket - grilling tools, grilling mitt/pad, grilling spices, marinades, grilling vegetable basket, meat thermometer, apron, skewers

Ice Cream Basket - toppings, sundae dishes, waffle bowls and cones, sprinkles, ice cream scoop, cherries, gift certificate

Italian Lover’s Delight Basket - pastas, red sauce, Alfredo sauce, pesto, olive oil, bread, cookbook, dipping oils, capers, wine, pasta bowls

Men's Basket - shampoo, haircut gift certificate, hair combs, aftershave lotion, hand lotion, small tools - screwdriver set, mug, keychain

Mexican Fiesta Basket - chips, salsa, tortilla holder, salsa/chip bowl, chili pepper towel, Mexican or chili pepper tablecloth

Movie Night - candy, microwave popcorn, movie gift certificate/passes, popcorn bowls

Oriental Basket - Chopsticks, teapot, tea cups and saucers, fortune cookies, bowls, teas, noodles, spices, peanut oil, sesame oil, table linens, cookbook, gift certificate to restaurant

Scrapbook Lover's Basket - paper, photo splits, corner rounders, ribbon, embellishments, embellishment tools, photo organizing case, album, pages, page protectors, pens, stickers, scissors

Snack Shack - Chocolate theme, big candy bars, bag of Hershey Kisses or M&Ms, hot chocolate, chocolate coffee, chocolate covered pretzels, spoons, nuts, fruit, chocolate cookies

Spa Basket - soaps, bath salts, loofa, sponge, candles, bubble bath, lotion, eye mask, bath pillow, massage oil

Stamping Basket - paper, cards, envelopes, stamp sets, stamp pads, stamp cleaner and pad, scissors, embossing powder, embossing gun, glue, pencils, pop up tabs, markers/pens, ribbon, embellishments, beads

Snuggle Up! It's Cold Out There! Blanket, house shoes, bath robe, hot chocolate, mugs, mints, snacks, movie(s)

Teen Girl Dream Basket - Nail polish, shampoo/conditioner, hair brush/comb, hair clips/bows, movie, snacks, magazine or magazine subscription, hair cut gift certificate

Travel Basket - travel games, crossword puzzles, maps, atlas, travel diary, snacks, water, magna doodle

Yoga/Pilates Basket - Pilates or yoga books, Pilates and yoga DVDs, yoga mat, yoga ball, yoga rubber bands, yoga wear, relaxing CD, tea, yoga class gift certificate

No alcohols or tobacco products in baskets!

Please contact cell 314-882-4972 with any questions.

Thank you for helping to serve the needy in the community!

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