City of Dallas Volunteer Program

Education: Elementary & Secondary

Highland Hills Reading Buddies

"Reading Buddies" is an excellent way to address the learning needs of both younger and older children. Through cross-age tutoring and partnerships, students improve their reading and literacy fluency skills.
Dec 03, 2018  4:30PM
1 Hours
1 Shifts Available
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Caroline Spearman
  • Chloe Bevenue
  • Jordan D'Silva
  • Mallory Lawson
  • erick manjarrez

More Details

This opportunity will require a background check. 

Commitment: Preferably for a minimum of approx. 2 hours regularly each week to enable a relationship to be established with one or more students.

Duration: Preferably 12/13 weeks

Duties: To spend one-to-one time with a student on a regular basis to help them develop their literacy skills and teach them a love of reading and books. 

What's in it for you: This is a highly rewarding opportunity as you will see the young people’s reading gradually improve and their confidence grow. You will have the chance to share a love of reading and books with people who may not have received this sort of encouragement in the past. 

Training/Supervision: Appropriate training and supervision will be given on-site.  

You need to be: • Patient and encouraging • A good communicator with excellent listening skills • Able to work one-to-one with young people at their pace • Passionate about literacy and its importance • Fluent in English and a competent reader  

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