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Calling All Theatre Lovers! Join The Firehouse Theatre Volunteer Brigade!

2018 Theatre Show Volunteers Needed for: Box Office: (Requires ticket system training - email if interested) Ticket Scanners 2 per show Ushers: 2 per show Concessions 2 per show plus 1 TABC licensed server Parking/Crosswalk Assist: 1
Oct 04, 2018  6:30PM
3.5 Hours
1 Shifts Available
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Alfred Washington
  • Miranda Mailloux
  • Tiffany Word

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General Show Volunteer Information

·         Upon arrival at the theater, volunteers must sign in on the iPad, and check in with the House Manager.

·         Review and understand the requirements of your position.

·         All volunteers should see to the safety of our patrons and prevent any delay or disruption of show.

·         Be courteous at all times and handle duties in a timely manner. You represent the FHT!

·         Record all cash correctly and fill out cash management forms. (Primarily Concessions)

·         Cancellations of volunteer activity: All positions are important and contribute to the theatre experience itself. Some are vital for the safety of our audiences. If you have volunteered for a show and find you cannot meet that commitment, please be sure to advise us immediately! You can find volunteer sign up on the FHT website:

·         Please refrain from using your phone during your volunteer time, unless it is being used for ticket scanning.

·         If you have a red shirt, feel free to wear it.

·         In appreciation of your service, volunteer staff is invited to stay and watch the show for free! In the event the show is sold out or you cannot stay for the performance you may return on another date.

Volunteer Show Positions:

Ticket Scanner : Time = 1 hour


1. Arrive 1 hour prior to show. Serve until start of show.

2. Check in on computer and get volunteer badge.

3. Download free Ticket Scan App to your phone, or use provided device.

4. House Manager will give you instructions.

5. When completed with duties, return badge and check out. THANK YOU!


Usher: Time= 3.5hrs (entire show)


1. Arrive 1 hour prior to show time. Plan to stay until end of show. At least through intermission.

2. Check in on computer and get volunteer badge. Also get a flashlight from the Box Office.

3. Theatre door will be closed until Stage or House Manager tells you that ‘the house is open’.

4. Theatre Seats are numbered 1-18 (18-near entry ramp) Rows:  A (floor/handicap) through I.

5. Usher 1 will be stationed at the entrance to the theatre at the top of the ramp greeting patrons and offering blankets/playbills and directing to restrooms and concessions.

6. Usher 2 will be stationed at the bottom of the ramp helping patrons find seats.

7. During intermission both ushers may be stationed on either side of the theatre.

8. At the end of the show, help pick up trash, and fold/return blankets left by patrons to box.

9. Check out on the computer and leave your badge!  THANK YOU!!


Concessions and Merchandise: Time = 3 hrs

1. Arrive 1 hour prior to show time & stay through intermission.

2. Check in on computer and get volunteer badge.

3. Set up/restock concession area with candy, drinks, pop popcorn. Supplies are in the closet in the                                                           green room.

4. Cash box is in the Box Office.   Confirm starting balance of $75. 

5. Pop popcorn about 45 minutes prior to show. Popping instructions are on the machine.

Check with HM or BO with # of tickets sold to determine amount of popcorn needed.

6. Sell items before show and during intermission. If watching show please be prepared to exit quietly    prior to intermission before other patrons. Keep cash box and iPad in B.O. while attending show.

7.  After intermission, reconcile cash box, return to Box Office and wipe down popcorn machine w/hot water only and tidy kitchen area. Put away all unsold stock after intermission. THANK YOU!


Select concessions button - Enter concession amount – swipe card.  Input email to receive receipt. Process


Parking and Crosswalk Assistant: Time = 1 hr

1. Arrive 1 hr. prior to show. Remain until start of show.

2. Check in on the computer and get safety clothing/flashlight/volunteer badge.

3. Ensure the parking signs are in designated areas. Use map for reference. Explain parking map to volunteers.

4.  Assist patrons with parking questions or crossing street prior to show.

5. Bring in foldable ‘no parking and handicap’ parking signs at show time.


Support Volunteers – Times vary

Variety of opportunities include: Show poster/flier distribution within community, Assist with cast luncheon, Dressing room organization, Office assistance: phones, light clerical, Props Assistance (shoppers!)     Laundry: Blankets, Laundry:– Show Costumes


Pre-Show Volunteers – Times vary

It takes many hands to prepare for the next show!

Volunteers are needed to help with set painting, building, etc.  No experience needed, just the desire to learn and follow directions!  If you are interested in helping with scenery, email the volunteer coordinator at    and you will be connected to the right person!



We use the sign-up genius program to organize our show volunteers.

1.     Go to FHT website:  the  Click on the ‘VOLUNTEER’ tab. At the top of the page, you will see the current show volunteer sign up button.

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