NTxGivingDay Freedom Days Project: F.A.R.M.

VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP HERE: http://bit.ly/2KAcI3Q. Build garden beds and plant fall crops in support of military veterans. (External volunteer sign-up.)
Sep 11, 2018  9:00AM
8 Hours
1 Shifts Available
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Cynthia Schultz
  • Don Millender
  • Mario  Madrid
  • Michael Lewis
  • Nicole Flick
  • Rick  Wolf
  • Rita McKamey
  • christopher james
  • susan swan smith

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The mission of Farmers Assisting Returning Military (F.A.R.M.) is to provide agricultural training, employment opportunities and alternative therapies to all Military Veterans.

Project: installing the first phase of the Urban Farm Park in Downtown Dallas by building garden beds and planting fall crops.

Please visit http://bit.ly/2KAcI3Q to volunteer. (External volunteer sign-up.)

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