Everman, Let's Do Lunch... You Drive!

Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County is looking for dedicated volunteers to deliver meals to our homebound elderly and disabled clients in Everman
May 30, 2018
10 Hours
8 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Beverley Williams
  • Carla Voss
  • Gretchen Lowery
  • Jessica Hoffmeister
  • Jose Angel Molina
  • Leon Holmes
  • Sydney Rossow
  • Travis Eckels
  • bryan puente
  • john rockson

More Details

Due to the growing number of clients in Everman (and the fact that we never have a waiting list) we are needing to start a new volunteer route in Everman.  To accomplish this we need at least 5 new drivers to deliver meals in the Everman area!

Volunteering is easy!  You will pick up the meals at a location in Everman (usually between 11:00-11:30am) and deliver to around 8-12 clients in that area.  Volunteers are only needed ONE day per week, Monday through Friday, and it usually only takes around ONE hour to help out.  You can volunteer individually, with a friend, with your family, or even use this as team building for your business. 

You can pick a day that works for you to help out.  If you are free on Tuesdays, then you can deliver every Tuesday during lunchtime to the same clients.  If you go on vacation or need time off we will find substitutes for you, so you can resume normal delivery when you get back.  If you don’t have a regular schedule then you can become a substitute and pick up shifts whenever you are free. 

  • ·       After you sign up to volunteer with us you will have to complete a background check form.  Once that is completed we will bring you in for an orientation, there we will give you your delivery bags and you will meet your scheduler.  After orientation your scheduler will set you up on a training route with an experienced volunteer to show you how meal delivery is done.
  • ·         If you are interested in helping please contact Sarah Drew-Watson at 817-258-6426 or by email at  You can also look at our website for more information at

Without our wonderful volunteers we could not complete our mission of delivering nutritious meals and smiles to our homebound in clients in Tarrant County.

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