International Relief

Volunteer Abroad in Cambodia

Participating in the Cambodia Reborn program is truly the adventure of a lifetime where fun, learning, and hard work through service come together to enhance both your life and the lives of the people you interact with.
May 21, 2018
30 Hours
10 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Arrio Gonsalves
  • Eric Sacks
  • Julie OFarrell
  • Vilasini Nayar
  • monica ycaza

More Details

We strongly encourage those who are interested in this program to have a group of 10-20 members formed prior to inquiring. 
Thank you, 
Bright Light Volunteers

As a Bright Light Volunteers participant, you will teach and tutor at a special evening language school, assisting eager high school students in how to speak the hip, modern English typically spoken by travelers to their country and assisting small groups with pronunciation. This will enable these young Cambodians in their future employment to shine a light on their world to the many thousands of people who visit Siem Reap, the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, and the many markets, hotels and restaurants that are integral to Cambodia's rebirth.

You will be involved in improving the lives of the poor by thatching roofs, building sustainable, compostable toilets, and embarking on projects that will improve the lives of the community. In return, the open and friendly Cambodian people will be anxious to share their culture and stories with you, and there will be time set aside for them to show you how they live day to day, including teaching you how to make Bamboo Rice, a Cambodian staple, over an open fire.

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