Social Services: Seniors

SERVE as a Friendly Visitor & Make a BIG DIFFERENCE in a SENIOR'S life!

Friendly Visitors are GREAT ASSETS to older adults living in long-term care homes.
Apr 22, 2019
2 Hours
10 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Aruna Krish
  • Belinda Franz
  • Kristy Lucas
  • Lacey Baldwin
  • Melynda Hardeman
  • Yalyn Dominguez
  • Yvonne Sandoval
  • erick manjarrez

More Details

Friendly Visitor Program

Being a FRIENDLY VISITOR is FUN and SERVES A GREAT PURPOSE!  Many nursing home and assisted living facility residents never receive visitors.  Friendly Visitors are individuals and/or groups who volunteer in Dallas County (Texas) long-term care homes to visit one-on-one with residents and help with group activities, entertainment, and basic beautification projects.  Friendly Visitors help combat the loneliness and isolation that is so prevalent in these facilities. 

No matter your age, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and become a Friendly Visitor (e.g., individually, family, church groups, youth groups, schools, colleges, social groups, corporate teams, or civic organizations).  However, children under the age of 18 may require adult supervision. Friendly Visitors can volunteer on weekdays, weekends, or holidays based on staff availability.  

When volunteering solo or individually, a criminal background check and in some cases, a TB test, are required and are administered by the facility staff.  When volunteering as a group, the facility will often waive the application and background check

Make a POSITIVE IMPACT in the lives of long-term care residents! Your willingness to SERVE our most often forgotten senior population is greatly appreciated. For more information, contact Marsha Evans, Program Coordinator, at 214-823-5700 or

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