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Adamson/Botello Community Cleanup and Adamson High School New Community Garden Setup When in doubt, help out

Let's enjoy each other while helping with a community cleanup and a community garden cleanup. Plenty of snacks, light lunch and the chance to meet new friends is what its all about. Dress in jeans, tshirts, tennis shoes We provide everything else!
Mar 24, 2018  8:00AM
3 Hours
100 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Andrew Olson
  • Diana Bonilla
  • Dongin Kisi
  • Jinae Sakai
  • Kiyoka Iida
  • Kyeisha  Robertson
  • Nicole Haynie
  • SWeta desai
  • Vidal Pacheco

More Details

We will have fun in the sun while we make a difference in the community and the community garden.  I bet you won't be able to wait to see the  new veggies that will sprout as a result of your hard work!   See how you feel when you pass by an area that you've cleaned up-- you can make it look proud.  Culture of clean is what we mean.

Health and Wellness Workshop- Marcus Moore (VISTA)
Composting Workshop - Mrs. Brenda Finch (Keep Dallas Beautiful)
New Adamson Garden - help with planting and designing the garden.

Dress in jeans,T'shirts, tennis shoes
(May require a light sweater or jacket)

Meet at 8:00 am on Saturday, March 24 at the Community Garden at Cliff Temple Baptist Church at   West 9th Street, Dallas TX 75203

Call me at 972997-5228 if questions or if you can't find us. 

W 9th St
 Dallas, TX 75203
Garden in Dallas, Texas

See you there!

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