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PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: To create unique bios of adoptable dogs as needed, based upon information provided in the Foster Profiles provided.
Oct 22, 2018
5 Hours
5 Needed
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Below is the profile template we ask our Foster families fill out. It includes details that will provide information to potential adopters about each animal. Bio writers will write the dog’s website bio based on this information.

Formula of how to write a bio:

  • Due to not always knowing a dogs personality, we don’t write in first person.

  • Preferred Format: 3 paragraphs, with 3-4 sentences each (check out to get an idea!)

  • Include name, age, breed, and gender

  • Try to highlight if the dog is good with dogs/cats/kids.

  • Include if they are housetrained and other important details

  • Also include cute tidbits that would make this animal stand apart from other dogs in our program. Creativity is key!

  • If there is something negative about this animal, please find a way to make it sound positive.

    • Ex. Not housetrained, you can say currently working on becoming housetrained! Or not a fan of cats, would do best in a home without cats.

  • Please do not include minor behavioral issues in the bio, i.e. digging in the yard, jumping on people, etc, as these are easy fixes for adopters.

Your Name

Animal Name




Housetrained, Crate Trained, or Both?

Good with Dogs?

Good with Cats?

Good with Kids?

How does dog ride in the car?

What about this dog made you want to foster this pet?

Describe cuddling behavior/affection level

Describe play behavior and favorite toys

Describe activity level

What are the best adjectives to describe this dog? The best qualities?

What are your favorite things about this dog? Cute behaviors?

What is/are your favorite physical characteristic(s) of this dog?

What would the ideal home look like for this dog?

Anything else that would make this dog stand out to an adopter?

Any special needs? (Blind, Deaf, Etc.?)

Any other special concerns to report to the foster team?

Would you like a writer to help you with this dog's bio?

Please be sure to submit photos and video with your form to

Thank you for saving a life!

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