JPS Clinic Volunteers (Opportunities are Ongoing)

Become a JPS Clinic Volunteer without leaving your neighborhood! We're looking for friendly, compassionate and helpful volunteers who enjoy a busy workplace. Volunteer shifts are flexible, daily and weekly.
Aug 01, 2017
4 Hours
10 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Ashley Kirksey
  • James Moushegian
  • MichaĆ«lina Ngole
  • Nia Green
  • Princess Robinson
  • Sarah  Nnadikwe
  • Shade Adjobi
  • ephraim okoronkwo

More Details

JPS Clinic Volunteer Duties include: 

  • Support Registration
  • Greet Patients
  • Escort Patients
  • Identify Patient Destination
  • Manage Patient Flow 
  • Administration/Clerical
JPS Neighborhood Clinics near you:
  • Diamond Hill Clinic   (Ft. Worth)
  • Medical Home SE   (Arlington)
  • Northeast Clinic   (Bedford)
  • Viola Pitts/Como   (Ft. Worth)
  • South (Near TCCC Campus, Ft Worth)
JPS Clinics near Main Hospital:
  • Cancer Center    (601 W. Terrell St.)
  • Magnolia Clinic   (1400 S. Main St.)
  • Medicine Specialty    (1400 S. Main St.)
  • Non-Invasive Cardiovascular    (1400 S. Main St.)
  • Surgery Specialty Clinic   (Main Hospital)
  • Surgery Specialty Registration   (Main Hospital)

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