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Marketing Volunteer Needed

We are searching for a volunteer to help our organization with marketing, as it is rapidly expanding.
May 05, 2017
15 Hours
1 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Amanda Vann
  • Ryan Tyler
  • Tracy Benge
  • mario  martinez

More Details

Bright Light Volunteers exists to unite people and cultures through positive, sustainable change. We work with groups of students, professionals, and community members, traveling abroad to bring these communities together through service activities.

Duties and responsibilities of a marketing volunteer include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating with other staff and volunteers to develop marketing projects and strategies
  • Presenting plans to the board of directors for approval
  • Conducting market research to better understand situations that could affect Bright Light Volunteers and plan accordingly
  • Working with our partners, both domestic and abroad, to recognize opportunities to market Bright Light Volunteers

Education required for a marketing volunteer:

  • Degree or significant course credit in Marketing, Management, or other related fields
  • Good experience working in marketing or sales
  • Should be a good writer with great verbal communication skills
  • Should have great skill in management and event organization
  • Should be knowledge able about computers and many other software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint etc.
  • Should know about today's culture and all the social networking sites as they will be extremely important for marketing Bright Light Volunteers

Extra skills:

  • Should have knowledge about Bright Light Volunteers, our destinations, and our goals
  • Should have good people skill, both in person and via electronic media sources
  • Should have knowledge about the popular culture
  • Should be able to think on your feet and work under pressure and deadlines

If interested, please visit our website and search for past publications on our organization. Send your ideas on how to promote our organization to our Director of Volunteer Coordination, Amanda Mansfield at

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