Help Us Feed and Clothe

If you enjoy working with a team, look forward to seeing your team's hard work provide opportunities for us to increase our capacity to serve our clients, and you have time each week to devote to a project, please contact us to find out more!
May 02, 2017
5 Hours
5 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Austin Bruce
  • Jennifer Stewart
  • Joe Pierce
  • Maria Munson
  • Peyton Johnson
  • Teodora Petkova
  • Tina Allen souza
  • Trinh Tran

More Details

We are looking for a few individuals who enjoy sorting and organizing children’s clothing, toys and  books. This volunteer opportunity is best for folks who have day time hours to devote.

This will be a tight knit team, focused on a single program of our outreach. It does call for the kind of coverage that requires individuals who have rather large chunks of time each week.

The team has an experienced leader who would love to meet with you and share more about what this volunteer experience entails. Come, visit, and see if you might like to join our volunteer team.

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