International Relief

Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica

Explore one of the most bio-diverse areas in Latin America! All of the project work is heavily focused on carbon neutral energy solutions with the aim of helping Costa Rica reach its goal of becoming the first carbon neutral country on the planet.
Apr 06, 2017
30 Hours
10 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Curtis Mayborn
  • Jennifer Blum
  • Karla Saravia
  • Lili Martinez
  • Samantha Rose
  • Tiffany Davis

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**Please Note** 
We strongly encourage those who are interested in this program to have a group of 10-20 members formed prior to inquiring. 
Thank you, 
Bright Light Volunteers

Imagine your group taking part in an experience of a lifetime, traveling across the Rio Sixaola via dugout canoe, deep within the rain forests of Costa Rica to work with the indigenous Bribri people.

Service initiatives include working to improve facilities in local schools, volunteering in wildlife conservation, taking part in rainforest patrols, and working on a permaculture farm.

Additionally, your group will work on implementing "Estufas Fincas" — cook stoves that burn a wide variety of dried organic material as fuel and produce biochar. Volunteers will then help the Bribri to sell the biochar produced by the estufas fincas as a valuable soil amendment to local farmers, creating a valuable micro-business and access to an alternative income. This project enables the Bribri peoples of Costa Rica to keep their cultural heritage, knowledge of ethnobotanical medicine, and natural environment intact while also improving the health, safety and lives of community members.

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