Social Services: Homeless

Women's/Men's Facilities - Minor Tasks

Volunteering at Eden Outreach, Inc. - Minor Tasks/Household maintenance - Makes a BIG difference in the lives of those we serve! -office work -marketing -grant writing -research
Mar 13, 2017
5 Hours
10 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Barbara Ferrara
  • Bruce Parker
  • Heather Robison
  • John Freeman
  • Josue Acosta
  • Katie  Patton
  • Winfred Cordero
  • ephraim okoronkwo
  • hailey hudgins

More Details

Eden Outreach is a Non-Profit organization committed to the rehabilitation and recovery of formerly incarcerated and homeless individuals in a positive environment with guidance and training that integrates the physical, spiritual, and emotional life. This training will bring about character transformation and restoration from addictive behavior and other controlling issues into a productive lifestyle with no revolving doors. 

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