Domestic Animals

Website HTML Volunteer

HTML webpage volunteer, non demanding position.
1 Hour
1 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • David Kim
  • Leigh Roach
  • Mayur Talole
  • Sara Jefferson
  • daniel lewis

More Details

We need a volunteer, just one, to help us update our webpage and make any additional changes usually once a month.  This person has to be knowledgeable with HTML.  Once we get our website updated, we will only need very little time, perhaps once/twice a month for probably 30 minutes to an hour.  We recently lost our current volunteer due to health problems and need someone who loves animals and believes in our goal of working on pet overpopulation.  This would be done from your location, preferably someone in the north Dallas area.  We would also need very occasionally help to update our Petfinder webpage, but that should take minimal time and we don't use it that often, just for an animal that needs to be placed.

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