Food Pantry - Shop along side our clients to ensure they get the right amounts of food for their family

Assist clients in finishing their food selections by picking from the pantry and loading it in their vehicle. We also need help to bag produce and restock/prep pallets of food to make the shopping experience more efficient. Mon. - Thur. 9AM to 1PM.
5 Hours
75 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Cassie Brown
  • Deondrick Chaffin
  • Jennifer Keller
  • Kevin Southard
  • Lemia Williams
  • Patty Fagan
  • Raul H
  • Talha Qureshi
  • chelsea rock

More Details

How can I help in the Food Pantry?

Shopping: Help clients complete their food order by picking the items from our pantry and helping them to either load into their vehicle or bag it up for them to take home through other means of transportation.  

Food Prep: We also need help bagging produce and restocking/prepping pallets to make sure the shopping experience is most efficient for our volunteers and clients.

Volunteers must be able to lift 15 lbs.

Looking to make a regular commitment to volunteer?

We 20-25 volunteers EACH DAY to ensure that we are serving our clients quickly, effectively, and in a helpful, friendly manner. Because of this we are looking for individuals who want to make a commitment to volunteer regularly. Please complete Application/Background Check Release Form at the link below and our Volunteer Coordinator will follow up with you..

Interested but want to learn more? Check out our website!

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