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One Story at a Time: Jewish Dallas Oral Histories

To continue our extensive Oral History Program, the DJHS is actively seeking interviewers, videographers, video editors, and general volunteers to help us capture, edit, organize, and post the stories of the Dallas Jewish community.
Jan 04, 2017
2 Hours
10 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Abraham Espino
  • Addison Baum
  • Giovana Guerrero
  • Nono Osuji
  • Revelle Gerson
  • Shelby Robinson
  • Tammie Reed-Jones
  • jeremy denman

More Details

A major part of the mission of the Dallas Jewish Historical Society is to continue preserving the voices of the present and the past through a well-maintained oral history program. Volunteers and staff meet with local residents to interview and capture their memories of life in Dallas throughout the years. We need volunteers who are willing to receive training to interview and/or record oral histories of designated residents of the Dallas Jewish community. Appointments are set by the volunteer with the interviewee and confirmed with the DJHS office to reserve a room and use of a video camera. While there is no specific number of interviews required of each volunteer, we have 100's of names on our waiting list.

In addition to volunteers to conduct and record interviews, we need individuals who can edit current oral history recordings for length, utilize video editing software to improve sound quality, digitize older recordings, post videos online, transcribe recordings, and/or describe interviews.  

Please contact our Volunteer Director and Archivist, Alexis Joanna Ferguson to apply.  We look forward to meeting you and thank you for your interest in the Dallas Jewish Historical Society.  Come help us preserve the past and ensure the future of this amazing community, because today is tomorrow’s history! 

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