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Poverty Experience Volunteers Needed!

Help bring the Cost of Poverty Experience to life! We are recruiting volunteers to role play using resources in a simulation and to participate in a short debriefing afterwards.
Dec 31, 2017
3 Hours
100 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Aarielle Evans
  • Olga Ausburne
  • Williams Teddi

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We need people that have an interest in learning, and being challenged to think differently about poverty by helping bring the Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE) to life. COPE is a hands-on poverty simulation that allows participants to role-play through various scenarios based on real-life examples. We need your help to facilitate the experience. No heavy lifting.

It is a fun, easy, and low commitment experience (2-3 hours per COPE), but volunteers are an integral part of making the simulation work. Volunteers help participants role-play through a month of poverty by taking on the role of a resource in the community.  Resources can be anywhere from schools, banks, grocery stores, etc.

You receive information so you know what you have to do in that role, but you also get to add your own creativity as you interact with participants. The experience really comes to life with volunteers who are animated and willing to run with a role.

COPE is a powerful educational tool for the community and great way to get involved in the conversation about Urban Poverty.

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More General Information:


The Cost of Poverty Experience is a training that offers participants a glimpse into the lives of low-income individuals and families living in our community. It is a look into the obstacles that are faced, the decisions that are made, and the consequences that impact these families every day. The CareSource Foundation has partnered with Think Tank to develop COPE, which was co-designed with low-income individuals who have shared their story so that participants could gain greater understanding.  Many organizations and communities across the nation use COPE to work more effectively with low-income families to understand and address the issues of poverty more comprehensively.


This is a 2.5 hour experiential event that accommodates 40 to 120 participants and 17 to 21 volunteers.


Then volunteers roles are vital to aid in how realistic the COPE will feel because they will run and operate each individual resource that our participants will rely upon to help there simulated families survive the month of the COPE.


The Community Resources are as follows: Bank + Loan, Community Services, County Human Services, Court + Probation, Faith Center, Family Wellness Center, Gas Stop, Homeless Shelter, Mega Mart, Minimum Wage Employer, Pawn Shop, Police + Jail, Rental + Mortgage, School


You do NOT need to have experience to be a part of COPE!

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