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Your voice is our advertisement - Help DFW Families with Transportation Issues

How do families get to work, school or the doctor without reliable transportation in Texas? We have a solution that everyone needs to hear! We can work together to improve the lives of Texans and to do so we NEED your BOOTS on the GROUND!
Dec 09, 2016
2 Hours
25 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Candice  James
  • Chris Tisdale
  • Corey Williams
  • Jorge Escarsega
  • Kimist  Dotson
  • Ronda Pierson
  • Shelby Robinson
  • jeremy denman
  • kaleb antwine
  • leah nagel

More Details

Have you heard about ON the ROAD LENDING? 

On the Road Lending is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2013 that provides vehicle selection assistance and long-term financial mentoring to address a little understood, but substantial problem—providing a way for low to moderate income individuals to overcome transportation barriers so they can get to work, lead a healthier life, and avoid predatory lending. 

We looked around our community and saw people who were unable to take better jobs, access good food or take their kids to the doctor, all because they lacked one thing—reliable transportation. When we sought to understand why people were driving older, polluting vehicles, we discovered the problem ... and the solution.

On the Road Lending solves these problems by helping families purchase fuel-efficient and reliable cars because a better car leads to a better job and a better life.  We work with clients for several months to build financial capability and then arrange an affordable loan through our private-equity loan fund. We stay with these clients for the life of the loan—usually five or more years—providing financial mentorship and support.

Now that you love what we do, do YOU want to be involved? 

Show your support as we  embark on improving the lives of Texans starting right in your own neighborhood. This doesn't just help one area but helps the entire city to thrive.

To have true success , we need the following people (Individuals and Groups : 18 and UP): 

Community Outreach Program:

 1. Volunteers to share our message in their neighborhoods

2. Volunteers to share our message at community events

3. Volunteers to share our message with local businesses

4. Volunteers to share our message via social media 

Your group can schedule a canvassing trip, attend a community event, or speak out about our program at neighborhood functions. Scheduling is FLEXIBLE (approx. 2-4hr/event) and training is provided by our staff prior to deployment. 


Contact us if you'd like to do more, have an idea or area you'd like to share our message. We are all ears.


Sign up Today to stay informed when we need any on-call assistance in the community! 

For more details on our agency, take a look at the site:  HERE

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