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PLAY LIKE A GIRL (PLAG) is seeking a highly qualified, diverse pool of candidates for a limited number of positions for the 2018-2021 board service term with its small but growing organization.
Mar 01, 2018
30 Hours
10 Needed
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  • Tracy Allcorn
  • devin zavasky

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PLAY LIKE A GIRL (PLAG) is seeking a highly qualified, diverse pool of candidates for a limited number of positions for the 2018-2021 board service term with its small but growing organization. The role of the National Board of Directors is to set and approve PLAG’s strategic direction and to establish and authorize the broad policies that govern its actions. In advancing that role--and to carry out its fiduciary obligations--the Board has general oversight responsibility with respect to strategic plans, policies and decisions.

Board service during this period is critical to the organization's strategic advancement. The next Board of Directors will be charged with scaling Play Like a Girl programs to reach audiences of girls and women nationwide as well as transitioning from a 100% volunteer organization to one comprised of paid professional staff by 2019. Thus, this search is specially designed to yield applications from candidates with experience growing and scaling national initiatives and raising funds to support their efforts. Priority will be given to applicants with a professional background in corporate social responsibility/philanthropy, corporate sponsorships, funds development and fundraising, sports marketing, public relations/media, brand strategy, event planning and STEM in sports fields.

Key Responsibilities of the National Board of Directors

  • Articulate and uphold the mission, vision and core values of PLAG.

  • Authorize the policies and procedures to carry out the mission of PLAG.

  • Be accountable for effectiveness of PLAG’s priority work in the achievement of its mission by monitoring and strengthening programs and services.

  • Collaborate with PLAG’s committees and staff to develop and authorize strategic goals and initiatives for the purpose of advancing PLAG’s mission.

  • Engage in generative dialogue to step outside the strategic and fiduciary roles to advance PLAG’s mission.

  • Select, hire, support and assess the effectiveness of the President/CEO at least annually, and plan for successful transitions in professional leadership.

  • Take all necessary steps to meet the fiduciary responsibilities of the Board and ensure adequate resources for PLAG.

  • Provide appropriate financial oversight, including approving PLAG’s annual budget and work plans.

  • Enhance the organization’s public standing and financial sustainability.

  • Take such actions as are required by law to protect PLAG’s legal and ethical integrity.

  • Elect PLAG’s Board Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.

  • Ensure the right board members are in place and that board recruitment is a continuous and deliberate process for all board members.

  • Orient new Board members and assess Board performance regularly.

  • Adopt and revise PLAG’s policy statements periodically.

Responsibilities of Individual Directors

  • Know PLAG’s mission, vision, guiding principles, strategic goals and policies.

  • Undertake special assignments and serve on committees, including leadership positions, as requested or, where appropriate, by her/his initiative.

  • Read and understand PLAG’s financial statements or responsible summaries thereof and help the Board fulfill its fiduciary responsibility.

  • Abide by PLAG’s Code of Conduct and Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest, and Anti-Harassment policies.

  • Recruit new donors, members, partners, sponsors and stakeholders for PLAG.

  • Bring significant new financial, human and other resources to the work of PLAG.

  • Prepare for and actively participate in Board meetings.

  • Be ambassadors for PLAG and speak on behalf of the Board or PLAG when authorized to do so.

TERM: Three years, pending approval by the current Board of Directors.

TIME REQUIREMENT: Board members are required to donate a minimum of 30 hours per year to Play Like a Girl, including board meetings via teleconference; one face-to-face meeting and two-day retreat; committee service; and, volunteer service to the organization.

FINANCIAL COMMITMENT: Board members are expected to support the organization financially through personal donations and the solicitation of contributions from outside sources. Board members are asked to contribute (give and get) a total of $5,000 annually, in addition to in-kind donations or pro bono services, to help ensure the organization has adequate resources to support its mission.

APPLICATION: To apply, visit the following link: . Select LinkedIn Easy Apply and upload your resume. Applications are due by February 15, 2018 at 5 p.m. EST. Election takes place in March 2018, and the mandatory Board Retreat is June 1-3, 2018.

Women athletes, coaches and executives in the sports industry, males, LGBTQ and racial/ethnic minorities with expertise in a broad spectrum of fields are encouraged to apply.

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