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Successful Nonprofit Grant Writer

We seek those to join our team helping to fund our mission. We provide free online training to encourage and empower families to take significant steps, offering positive results for an abuse free life; living a purpose driven and safer lifestyle.
Mar 31, 2016
5 Hours
5 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Darius Scott
  • Fatima Ramirez
  • Inuwa Affa
  • Margaret Hinshelwood
  • Rebekah Blomeley
  • jason warren

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Hope For Children Foundation seeks motivated and dynamic Grant Writing professionals to help lead the development of the organization's reach. This position is responsible for conducting the full range of activities required to prepare, submit and manage grant proposals to foundation and corporate sources.  The Grant Writer is also responsible for writing proposals and submitting reports on grant funded projects.

Volunteers must have a measurable record of accomplishment in the grant funding and nonprofit sector.  The successful volunteers will be a self-starter who is flexible and has the ability to thrive where commitment to mission is critical to success.

Qualifications include:

  • Proven experience writing foundation and corporate grant proposals
  • Excellent writing, analytical and research skills are essential
  • Self-motivated, detail oriented and highly organized individual preferred
  • Experience using online databases and other sources to locate 
  • Philanthropic information
  • High level of computer literacy required
  • A solid understanding of budgets as they relate to proposals and grants is 
  • Essential understanding of government grant writing and to corporations
  • Candidates minimum age 21 years old

Hope For Children Foundation is an acknowledged leader in the fight against child abuse in the United States and abroad.  We are recognized as a non-profit Public Charity by the IRS, approved by the United States Department of the Treasury.  Hope For Children Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, EIN 75-2756638, receiving contributions from the general public and other entities.  Gifts made to Hope For Children Foundation are tax deductible. According to an FBI statistic, 97% of abused children reported to the legal system are not protected by it.  At the same time, reported abusers often go unprosecuted for the crimes reportedly committed against these same children.   Children are very vulnerable, and these kids need our help.  Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of children.


Hope For Children Foundation encourages people to take steps necessary and learn how to better provide safety and protection for our children, by accessing the online FREE video training available on the Hope For Children Foundation Web site: .  Click on Training, then Video Training, then click on the video topics of your choice.  The Web site of Hope For Children Foundation posts FREE training videos and other resources providing tools intended to reduce crimes of violence against children and adults.


Hope For Children Foundation is located in Dallas, Texas, and uses the power of the Internet, via its Web site  to enable a local, national and global presence.  We extend an invitation to you, for an interview to determine whether you would want to work with us and whether we would want you to work for us.  Please go to our Web site at, and look for the social media links.  You can join us by following on Twitter, or Liking our Facebook page, or connect with us at Google+ and learn some of the many ways you can help children.


Those interested in finding out more about Hope For Children Foundation’s advocacy for children can visit our Web site at for more information.  We are very grateful for your interest in Hope For Children Foundation and look forward to hearing from you.  On behalf of the children in this community, we sincerely appreciate you.

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