Domestic Animals

No More HOMELESS Dogs and Cats!

Spay Neuter Network wants to reduce the number of homeless dogs and cats in the DFW area through education and affordable/free health services. We need volunteers to assist incommunity outreach and marketing activities.
Sep 05, 2017
5 Hours
30 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • April Edney
  • Danny Fonseca
  • Destiny Lopez
  • Jaime Edney
  • ephraim okoronkwo

More Details

There are lots of things to do in our organization! Whether you are a dog person, a cat person, a people person, or a techsavvy person, we have something for you! Whether you prefer outdoor or indoor activities, we have you covered! Are you a social butterfly? Wonderful! Do you prefer to work with computers? Fabulous! We want every volunteer to enjoy her/his time with us, and we strive to make sure that everyone finds an opportunity to use her/his skills. These are the positions we have available: 

- MASH (mobile clinic) Assistant

- Pet Health Fair Assistant

- Critter Cruise Assistant

- SNN Ambassador – Marketing

- SNN Ambassador – Outreach

- SNN Ambassador – Feral Cat Program

- SNN Ambassador – Education

- Volunteer Mentor

- Dog Care Assistant

- Clinic Assistant

- Cat Care Assistant

- Clinic Assistant

- Administrative Assistant

- Special Projects Assistant

Please, submit a volunteer application through our website:

We'll contact you pretty soon! Thank you!

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