Social Services: Individuals with Disabilities

Public Advisory Committee

Become an advocate for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Help be a part of the local authority. This is a great opportunity to have a huge impact on people's programs.
Aug 30, 2017
6 Hours
3 Needed
Volunteers Who Stepped Up
  • Ken  Lawber
  • Rosette Jones
  • Samantha Gipson

More Details

Join our Public Advisory Committee and help review and address satisfaction of people with Individual and Developmental Disabilities about their services, review and address complaints regarding the operations of the program provider, offer recommendations for improvement of program operations for action by the program provider as necessary, and review and offer recommendations regarding any confirmed incident of abuse and neglect.  The Committee meets from 11:30 am-1:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of November, February, May and August.  This is a great way to have a huge impact of the services and lives of people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  So if you only have a few hours to volunteer please consider this opportunity.

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