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Hospice Befriender | Dallas/Fort Worth
Do you have an hour a week to befriend someone with a terminal diagnosis? Many hospice patients have outlived their family & friends or have very little support at the end of their life. The simple act of friendship can change their life, & death. Learn More
Arligton, TX
Aug 23, 2019
11 Hours
390 Needed
I Want To Help!
Mentoring for Military and their Spouses who are Transitioning to Civilian Life
Social Services: Military and Veterans and their Families
We are searching for Superheroes who go above and beyond in the name of helping others. This project is part of our Mentoring services offered to Military members and their spouses who are transitioning to Civilian life. Learn More
Aug 28, 2019
9 Hours
140 Needed
I Want To Help!
Content Writer
AnimalsDomestic Animals
As a Content Writer, you'll support our Marketing team in the execution of communication and marketing strategies across all channels of communication. Learn More
Dallas, TX
Aug 23, 2019
22.5 Hours
195 Needed
I Want To Help!
Animal Intake Admin
Domestic Animals
As an Animal Intake Admin, you will be responsible for processing new rescue animals into our systems and will send the first official communication to the foster parent thanking them for saving a life and providing them with needed information. Learn More
Aug 23, 2019
0.5 Hours
10 Needed
I Want To Help!

Virtual Volunteer Opportunity - Your help is needed to input data!
Your help is needed to input information into a spreadsheet from PDF documents or the Internet. Please note: You do not you need to know how to use spreadsheets. Learn More
Irving, TX
Aug 23, 2019
9 Hours
5 Needed
I Want To Help!
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