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Volleyball Coach
Athletics, Sports & Physical Fitness
If You don`t mind physical activity then this is an opportunity to have parents love you making there daughters ready for bed with our volleyball program. Teaching teamwork, Sportsmanship, strength training, building stamina & confidence. Learn More
Dallas, TX
Jan 16, 2018
2 Hours
16 Needed
I Want To Help!
Soccer Coaches Needed - Mercy Street Sports Program
Athletics, Sports & Physical Fitness
The Mercy Street Sports Program needs soccer coaches! We provide youth between the ages of 4-14 years the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of soccer while promoting a fun, safe, and competitive environment in which the Gospel is shared. Learn More
Dallas, Texas
Jan 16, 2018
4 Hours
20 Needed
I Want To Help!
Volunteer Board Member (Nationwide)
Athletics, Sports & Physical Fitness
PLAY LIKE A GIRL (PLAG) is seeking a highly qualified, diverse pool of candidates for a limited number of positions for the 2018-2021 board service term with its small but growing organization. Learn More
Nashville, TN
Mar 01, 2018
30 Hours
10 Needed
I Want To Help!
Next Generation After School Tennis Program for kids
Athletics, Sports & Physical Fitness
Our no. 1 goal is to get more young players into tennis and more tennis to kids. Our program is based on the USTA's tennis platform for kids. We develop their skills, motivate and inspire them to be lifelong players, while building their character. Learn More
Mansfield, TX
Mar 20, 2018
1 Hour
5 Needed
I Want To Help!
Family Play Days at Chandler Park Tennis Courts
Athletics, Sports & Physical Fitness
Tennis is a family sport! We are dedicated to instilling the love of the game to our community in Mansfield. Our plan is to grow the game at the community grassroots level and with your help we can get families moving in sync together again. Learn More
Mansfield, TX
Apr 07, 2018
1 Hour
5 Needed
I Want To Help!