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Children's Advocate
Public Safety, Justice, & Advocacy

Social Services: Family
Children's Advocates are the heart of the CAC. They provide services to children and families who experienced child abuse and help reduce trauma. Learn More
Sherman, TX
Oct 23, 2018  8:00AM
9 Hours
1 Shifts Available
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Family Advocate Intern (Level 2)
Legal Services and Advocacy

Social Services: Family
As the Family Advocate Intern, you will be responsible for greeting families as they enter the center, as well as assisting with crisis intervention for children and family who visit our center. Learn More
Waxahachie, TX
Oct 24, 2018  8:00AM
4 Hours
2 Shifts Available
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Research Intern
Criminal Justice & Corrections

Social Services: Children & Youth
The project is to research recipients of Youth Advocate Programs' Endowment Fund scholarships & how the scholarship has impacted their lives to date. Research, communication, writing and proofreading skills required. Resumes to tcamara@yapinc.org Learn More
Dallas, Texas
Oct 23, 2018
15 Hours
1 Needed
I Want To Help!
Public Safety, Justice, & Advocacy
Volunteers from Genesis Women's Shelter and Support and other local Domestic Violence shelters help to monitor the proceedings in the protective order court for Dallas County. Volunteers with flexible daytime schedules needed here! Learn More
Dallas, TX
Oct 23, 2018
3 Hours
12 Needed
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We're All In
Crime Control & Prevention

Operation Blue Shield is implementing a SalesForce account to maintain it's records, manage it's marketing, volunteers and fundraising. We are seeking a certified SalesForce Administrator to help us set-up our system in the most effective way. Learn More
Dallas, TX
Nov 02, 2018
Virtual Opportunity
1 Shifts Available
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Volunteer for Resource Center at Black Tie Dinner
Public Safety, Justice, & Advocacy

Civil Rights
Since its inception in 1982, Black Tie Dinner has been the largest fund raising dinner for the LGBT community in the nation, up to 20 North Texas beneficiaries to receive event proceeds. Learn More
Dallas, Tx
Nov 03, 2018  5:00PM
7 Hours
1 Shifts Available
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