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Come fly with me! Love Field, Love Helper Program
Social Services - City of Dallas
Let your customer service skills shine! Welcome Dallas Love Field visitors and guide them along in their travels. At Dallas Love Field Airport we are all about showing our guests the big hearts in our big city. Learn More
Dallas, TX
Mar 21, 2018  5:00am
4 Hours
100 Needed
I Want To Help!
Community Easter Egg Hunt
Social Services - City of Dallas
The Community Easter Egg Hunt is a family fun filled activity at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center. We need volunteers who can help place the eggs on the lawn and assist children with the egg hunt. Learn More
Dallas , TX
Mar 30, 2018  10:00am
3 Hours
20 Needed
I Want To Help!


The MLK  Multicultural Affair
Social Services - City of Dallas
The 3rd Annual MLK Multicultrual Affair will be June 9, 2018 at Seven for Parties. We need volunteers to help us set up for this great fundraising event. Learn More
Dallas, TX
Jun 09, 2018  2:00pm
5 Hours
15 Needed
I Want To Help!