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Do you have what it takes to change a life?
Behavioral and Mental HealthSocial Services
Join us for our Volunteer Mentoring Information Session on Tuesday, September 10, 6-7 pm and learn how with just 6 hours a month you can become part of a community of support for young adults aging out of foster care. Learn More
Fort Worth, TX
Sep 10, 2019
1 Hour
13 Needed
I Want To Help!
NAMI North Texas Don't Quit 13.1 Half Marathon
Behavioral and Mental HealthAthletics, Sports & Physical Fitness
The proceeds from the 2019 Don’t Quit Half Marathon will be used by NAMI North Texas to provide free support, education, advocacy, and awareness about mental health conditions. Learn More
Oct 05, 2019
8 Hours
30 Needed
I Want To Help!
Become a Mental Health Navigator!
Behavioral and Mental Health
Mental Health Navigators will respond to incoming calls and offer mental health information, resources, and encouragement. No professional mental health experience is required. The Foundation provides a comprehensive training course. Learn More
Dallas, Texas
Sep 14, 2019
7.5 Hours
20 Needed
Requires A Background Check
I Want To Help!
Become A Member Of Our Development & Fundraising Committee!
Behavioral and Mental HealthPhilanthropy
Provide input and participate in fund raising efforts or assisting in plans of special events to support the work of The Turning Point. Learn More
Plano, TX
Aug 24, 2019
14 Hours
560 Needed
I Want To Help!

Volunteer Training
Behavioral and Mental HealthHealth & Wellness
Volunteer Training for a people who would like to work in a therapeutic riding program benefiting individuals with physical, educational, intellectual and emotional disabilities. Learn More
Ponder, Texas
Aug 24, 2019
4 Hours
50 Needed
I Want To Help!