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Friends of White Rock Lake

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About Bee a part of the team and help take care of our local prairies. Friends of White Rock Lake is an advocacy group dedicated to supporting the Program They focus on eco ed efforts that are sustainable and community based. The BP Program works to preserve, protect and restore the Blackland native prairies at White Rock Lake, its rare native species, pollinators and their native habitat, and has been a part of saving White Rock Lake Park’s water, air and land quality since 1984. Friends is a Dallas Park and Recreation Department partner and the DFW Texas Park and Wildlife Department and has committed to long-term restoration and preservation of the Blackland Prairie Ecosystem that contain a remaining 163 acres of remnants at White Rock Lake Park. FOWL has a plan and a map. Please join Friends in this amazing adventure! Save a Bee, Save a Life.

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Friends of White Rock Lake Hosts Native Plant Talk & a Walk

Discover the Amazing World of Wildflowers and their Pollinator Friends Learn More
Dallas , TX
Jun 28, 2018
2 Hours
22 Needed
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