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For Love & Art believes that viewing artwork unleashes a powerful, creative and unique experience for people, and that sharing this experience fulfills among the highest expressions of being human. We partner with community outreach programs of fine museums around the world and bring their collections, digitally, into hospices, nursing homes, assisted living, VA Medical and Children Hospitals, and similar venues. Our volunteers showcase the masterpieces individually at bedside, or to groups on the big screen community TV. Viewers are encouraged to reflect, recollect and share their thoughts, feelings and memories and, in the process, transform their fear, loneliness and boredom into beauty, joy and magic of life! Our mission statement is to be sustainable and viable in bringing the Art Experience to those with limited mobility. Our commitment is that all people embrace beauty, joy and magic of life through the power of art. We empower caregivers (including volunteers) to love people in creative and transformative ways, while stimulating art appreciation. We use art to "love on" people.

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